In the western part of Norway winter 2006, DALIT was formed with one sole purpose: Striking the raw nerves of the listener with a portrait of the abused, oppressed and derelict souls.

In 2009, their selftitled debut-album DALIT was released through Endtime Productions to worldwide acclaim. Being in the realms of Doom-metal, the music is somber but with a longing for hope.

“This is music for those that like their funeral dark and more bleak than usual”
-Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir)

After playing a few exclusive shows, the band started working on their second album. This was an on-going process that took years, but finally DESCENT was released in 2015/2016. Also through Endtime Productions. Reviews were very positive, mentioning an additional vibe from post-rock and Black Sabbath to the band’s crushing Doom-metal. This led to another series of live-shows in Norway and Germany.

“In Descent […] DALIT have managed to bring a variety of other styles and sounds into a mix with the heaviness of doom metal, creating a soundscape with many layers and many twists and turns that keep the listener interested. The result is one of those albums that you can listen to over and over without becoming bored”
-John Jackson (

The band is currently planning a higher frequency of live-shows abroad, and is working on their third release.

Cato Gulaker – Drums
Erlend Trengereid – Guitars
Jon Ivar Larsen – Guitars
Eirik Hellem – Vocals & Bass